Clown ground breaker – Code: 9278


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Clown ground breaker is sound activated. Clap and he starts to speak.

The prop is battery operated (batteries not included). Takes 3 x AA batteries.

The clown stands approx.: 45cm in height.

When activated the clown’s eyes light up and it says various phrases in between the sounds of a circus.

There is a drum roll and he says “”Oh did I scare you? Good you taste much better when you’re scared!’

“Right his way, the show is about to start – we would never dream of starting without you” with some eerie cackles of laughter.

“Go ahead run away I will just catch up with you later – in your nightmares!!!”

“Hey you look familiar, maybe because I have been hiding under your bed”

Remember as he moves he will wobble so it is best to weight the base down as it can be too light on occasion for the movements.