Creepy candy bowl – with moving hand – Code: 9407


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Comes in orange only this Halloween.

Now this is no ordinary Halloween treat bowl – this is a really creepy frightening candy bowl.

Once this bowl is activated – by either you pressing his nose on the front or just putting your hand in to take a piece of candy – wait for it !!!!!

A slot on the top of the bowl opens and a moving skeleton hand comes out as if to catch you.

There is screaming sound, the fingers move quickly up and down and the eyes on the front of the bowl light up red and flash.

Imagine you innocently reach in to take a sweetie and this awful noise and quick fingers come out to get you……..screams all round!

Then the hand quickly slides back into it’s slot again to wait for the next unsuspecting person.

Bowl stands approx.: 14cm in height and the diameter measurement across the top of the bowl is 20cm.

The bowl is in the shape of a skull and is made from hard plastic.